Don't Make Fun of Baron Corbin's Hair or He Will Bury You

For whatever reason, fans rarely hesitate to take a swipe at WWE's Baron Corbin. While he certainly doesn't present himself as the warmest character, the Lone Wolf deals with a hefty load of flack from WWE's fan base. Whether it's about his hair, his stomach, or just him in general, fans love to hate Corbin. And the former US Champion is tired of it.

A fan tweeted at Corbin and took the opportunity to not only dig at him professionally but also made the now cliche hairline joke. However, with so much experience deflecting trolls, it looks like Corbin has gained the ability to totally debase his haters.

Corbin's learned some tough Twitter lessons this year, but it's clear he graduated his game to at least that of a social media green belt.

While being negative is part of a WWE fan's DNA, when you get personal like this poor sap from above, you open yourself up to being totally undercut by a WWE Superstar. Even more, Corbin being ruthless like this is actually good for business, I mean he is a heel after all.


So, if you choose to troll a WWE Superstar, do it wisely. On second thought, just don't do it.