Road Dogg Addresses Baron Corbin's Slump

Is Baron Corbin in the middle of a irreversible plunge down WWE's roster?

The Lone Wolf had miserable week as he not only lost his MITB contract but then lost Summerslam's opening match in a simple manner. There's been rumours abound that say there's the proverbial "back stage heat" on Corbin but no knows why at the moment.

So what gives? Has WWE gone cold on a guy that was said to be the next WWE Champion? A fan posed these question to SmackDown's head of creative and former WWE Superstar, Road Dogg:

Road Dogg not only downplays Corbin's slide, but seems to extinguish any narrative that has him on the road to being "punished." While it does seem that WWE has hit the breaks on Corbin, there's no need to panic. At least not yet. If he loses to Aiden English tonight on SmackDown, then it's time to worry.

After failing to cash-in his Money in the Bank contract earlier this week on SmackDown, Corbin lost cleanly in an uneventful match against John Cena at SummerSlam. The match looked like nothing more than a tune-up for Cena as he'll be heading for RAW tomorrow. The match's best moment came when Cena's music hit to open the PPV. The surprise of the 16-time Champion opening the show producing a big pop from the crowd, but everything after that would prove to be arbitrary. After an AA, Corbin was easily pinned.


Corbin losing the briefcase caught many fans by surprise as we were lead to believe that he was a talent WWE was looking to build. Baron Corbin became one of the very few stars to obtain the Money In The Bank briefcase and not successfully become champion with it. Why WWE chose to pull the cord (or the plug) on Corbin's Money in the Bank status is a little perplexing. As Mr. Money in the Bank, Corbin was a shark, one that could lurk around either Championship. This added intrigue. But apparently, WWE didn't feel like they needed the raised stakes and Corbin is now just another guy on the roster.