AJ Styles to Defend His WWE Championship Against Jinder Mahal and John Cena Saturday Night

AJ Styles has indisputably had the best 2017 of any WWE Superstar. But his final match of the year could ruin it all.

If we've learned anything from AJ Styles, it's that we must pay attention to all of his matches, particularly if they are untelevised. Styles won the US Championship at a live event and the WWE Championship on a pre-taped episode of SmackDown in 2017, further conditioning us to keep an eye on everything he does.

Saturday night in Tampa, FL Styles will put his WWE Championship on the line against Jinder Mahal and John Cena. The Phenomenal One himself made the announcement on WWE's Instagram account.

Styles losing the WWE Championship would cause quite the stir. WWE fans likely believe that they've rid themselves of Jinder Mahal now that he's far less relevant without the WWE Championship. And for Cena, he's still sitting on 16 WWE Championship reigns, but the 17th would push him past Ric Flair as the most decorated World Champion in wrestling history.

However, WWE is undoubtedly saving that moment for a much bigger stage. And we can rest easy on Mahal becoming a 2-time WWE Champion as well because it certainly feels that WWE has attached itself to Styles for at least a few more months.


So for AJ Styles fans, there's no need to worry - he'll stay champ after the highly entertaining match. Probably...