WWE Rumor: Elias Positioned for Championship Push

For months now, Elias has demonstrated his unique relationship with WWE's crowd. And it looks like Vince McMahon and Co. are ready to see how far the nefarious music can go.

By blasting Seth Rollins with his infamous instrument, Elias likely just earned an opportunity for the Intercontinental championship at Money in the Bank. And according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, this marks the beginning of Elias' ascension up WWE's card.

“I think the timing of it right now, Elias is one of those guys — it’s like Seth is a star and Elias, he’s a star too but he’s not a star with credibility he’s a star in the sense where he comes out and people want to chant, ‘walk with Elias’ and they’re entertained by him. But it’s not like he has credibility as a top guy, that’s why having that title would actually help him and Seth doesn’t need that championship," he said.

By now, Elias success is undeniable. While Elias doesn't have any signature victories under his name, he's become a fixture of Monday night RAW. Strumming his guitar, insulting the locals, and singing off-key cemented Elias as one of WWE's most consistent acts. But given his limited NXT resumè, few would have predicted his profound relationship with WWE's fan. However, as time passes, we're learning that success in NXT doesn't always translate to the main roster. The Golden Calves of the Yellow brand, like Sami Zayn, Finn Balor, Neville, Bo Dallas, and Bobby Roode have yet to make a permanent impression in WWE, despite all being NXT Champion.

However, there's something timeless about Elias' character.

Recent months have shown that Elias may have developed insulation from poor booking. Despite being one of WWE's best character, Elias didn't have much of a WrestleMania 34. In the weeks since, he's been stuck in an arbitrary feud with Roode. But despite the uninspiring direction, WWE fans still want to watch Elias. And now, WWE is ready to put him on his biggest stage yet.

At this moment, an Intercontitnelat Championship match with Seth Rolins is the biggest opportunity in WWE. With Brock Lesnar and his Universal Championship on leave, and the WWW Championship program being dedicated to the mutilation of genitalia, Rollins and his IC title have quickly become the most exciting part of WWE.


Elias has now entered Rollins world and should lock in his Money in the Bank match next week on RAW. However, as Meltzer mentioned, the time may be right for Elias to win his first ever WWE Championship. While Rollins has been great for the Intercontinental Championship, it may be time for him to graduate to Brock Lesnar. So by SummerSlam, don't be surprised if Elias is rocking the title his ancestor, the Honkey Tonk Man, made famous while Rollins is the new owner of a Big Red Belt.

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