Daniel Bryan's WWE Backlash Opponent Has Been Revealed

It didn't take very long for WWE to follow-up Tuesday night's hot opening segment with an official match announcement.

it was revealed just over 90 minutes into SmackDown that Daniel Bryan will face Big Cass at WWE Backlash. Bryan was being interviewed backstage after suffering an attack earlier in the show that kept him out of the opening segment with The Miz. He told Renee Young that he asked for a match against Cass at Backlash and that his wish was granted.

Bryan noted during the interview that he will be competing in the Greatest Royal Rumble 50-man match and plans on winning.

While not officially revealed, we can be left to assume it was Cass who attacked Bryan backstage. The pair had a heated confrontation during last week's show when Cass returned following a nine month long absence from an ACL tear. That was followed up by Cass replacing Bryan in Tuesday night's opening segment with The Miz following Bryan being taken out backstage.

During the promo, Cass stole the show from The Miz, which is saying something given Miz's prowess on the microphone. While Cass wasn't bad, per say, on the microphone prior to his injury, he really showed something new on Tuesday evening. It was like he spent every day of his injury when he was immobilized working on that aspect of his game and it showed.


Cass talked about how he used to be Bryan's size before having a growth spurt, and he noted he was picked on when he was small. He went on to say that he deserved to be picked on, but he went back and beat up all those bullies when he grew to become 7 feet tall. He spent a good deal of the promo denigrating Bryan's appearance, noting he looks like someone that should be laying tile in a bathroom somewhere and talking about how he is small in stature.

Bryan turned that around later in the show during the aforementioned backstage segment with Young, noting that he would prove to Cass at Backlash that his size doesn't matter when they are both on the mat and Cass is tapping out.