WWE Hall of Famer Challenges Bill Goldberg

Does the WWE's Greatest Royal Rumble card have room for one more match?

Though the challenge seems more sarcastic than anything else, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T teased the fact that he wouldn't be opposed to wrestling Bill Goldberg one more time during a video recorded in the gym this week.

Booker T recalled an incident with Goldberg at this year's WrestleMania that lead him to remark about a possible match. Apparently Booker was using a hoverboard to get around backstage at the Superdome, leading Goldberg to make an off the cuff comment about how Booker needs to get back in the gym.

"I had an issue with Goldberg just a couple weeks ago because I was riding my hoverboard at WrestleMania," Booker T said. "Goldberg, he was talking about how I wasn't in shape because I was riding the hoverboard. I said, 'Look Goldberg, I work out at the gym. You feel me? I work out on the gym on a regular basis.'"

It didn't end there. Booker went on to challenge Goldberg to a pull-up contest backstage to prove his point. This followed Booker doing several pull-ups backstage to demonstrate he hasn't lost any strength.

"They could add an extra match to that Greatest Royal Rumble and it would be Booker T and Goldberg, the rematch from when I beat him back in WCW," Booker remarked. Booker was WCW World Heavyweight Champion in July 2000 when he defeated Goldberg in a title defense on Monday Nitro.

In the video below, Booker suggests WrestleMania 35 could be another locale for a rematch with Goldberg.

Bill Goldberg then responded on Twitter.


While most of this seems to be pretty tongue in cheek, we wouldn't mind seeing these legends step back between the ropes one more time.

[H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.]