Watch: Jeff Hardy Proves He's Prone to Making Questionable Decisions

If texting while driving is illegal in 15 states, then what about taping yourself while watching yourself sing a song while speeding down an interstate?

Jeff Hardy literally did all of that in a recent video he uploaded to his Instagram account.


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The kicker to all of this was that just a day after this was posted, Hardy was arrested and charged with DWI after crashing into a North Carolina guardrail.

Amazingly, Hardy walked away from the crash unscathed, but not without doing $8,000 worth of damages to his Cadillac and $5,000 to the guardrail. Hardy's driver's license was suspended and his court date is set for April.

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. we have some of Officer Kelemecz’s police report: "Driver of Vehicle #1 ran off the roadway to the right, in turn striking about 105 feet of guardrail before the back end of the car spun out 90 degrees to the left, coming to rest in the middle of the right N bound lane of travel. The driver was arrested and charged with DWI,” he wrote.

Hardy's flaws are no secret, and may actually be one of the more endearing traits of his characters. Despite his struggle with the law and addiction, he remains one of the most beloved Superstars in WWE history.


However, no one will ever confuse him for an entomologist.

So Jeff, try to do less crime. And if you can't help yourself, just stop filming then publishing it.