Charlotte and Asuka Go Face to Face on SmackDown Live

Just 48 hours after their first face to face blew the roof off the building in Columbus at WWE Fastlane, Charlotte Flair and Asuka shared the ring once again at SmackDown in Indianapolis.

Charlotte made her entrance first and talked about being both excited and proud that she chose to face her at WrestleMania. She said that she's always had a target on her back throughout her career, so she knew exactly what was happening when Asuka's theme came on Sunday night.

Charlotte called Asuka to the ring and told her "be careful what you wish for." Flair talked about traveling the world and hearing two things: congratulations on her own accomplishments and people wondering what would happen if she faced Asuka. She admitted to wanting to face Asuka and was hoping that she would pick her just so that she could have the challenge. She noted she's never faced anyone like Asuka but said Asuka has never faced anyone like her either.

Asuka got on the microphone and said she chose to Charlotte (rather than Alexa Bliss) because she likes a challenge. She said Flair is a queen but she is an Empress and she doesn't bow down to anyone.


This was a good segment that was kept brief, as it should have been. Though I sometimes wonder if Asuka being on the microphone is more detrimental than helpful, similar to Shinsuke Nakamura, her delivery is definitely more clear and better than Nakamura's.

It was interesting that they didn't directly address Bliss' comments from RAW on Monday night in her face to face with Asuka, I guess taking the route that these two will take the high road (as two babyfaces) where as Bliss, a heel, takes the low road.