John Cena Personally Kills Slew of WreslteMania Rumors

As we speed to WrestleMania, WWE’s rumor mill is working overtime. But no one has produced more speculative churn than John Cena. However, thanks to the 16-time WWE Champion himself, we can eliminate a few scenarios.

The biggest chunk of rumors came from a Sports Illustrated report that asserted that Cena had handpicked both Rey Mysterio and Samoa Joe as potential New Orleans dancing partners. As irony has it, it was SI again who spoke to Cena and efficiently recanted their own story.

“I have never asked for a WrestleMania opponent,” said Cena. “If you look at what I’ve done in my WrestleMania entirety, from coming out at Safeco Field in a sweat suit rapping to two cardboard cutouts, to working with established superstars to working with rookies, to being fortunate enough to use the platform to ask a beautiful young lady to marry me."

In their original story, SI named Mysterio as Cena’s opponent for WrestleMania 34. Per the report, Mysterio was Cena’s choice to fill in for The Undertaker who had apparently been ruled out.

However, with Mysterio's injury, and the vigor behind the belief that Undertaker is still set to meet Cena in New Orleans, SI’s original report is looking more and more like the dreaded Fake News.

Cena went on to say that his philosophy is about helping WWE in big moments not creating them for himself.


“A lot of our performers get frustrated and ask, ‘What can you do for me?’ I just ask, ‘What can I do for you?’ They tell me, and I do it to the best of my ability. Even if it’s no one," he said.

As of now, it sounds like WWE is telling Cena he’ll be fighting The Undertaker on April 8th. However, that’s still a month away and plenty can change. Especially if Cena manages to win the WWE Championship at Fastlane this Sunday.