Is Braun Strowman the Real Face of WWE?

To Vince McMahon, watching Braun Strowman destroy things produces the same sensation Pamela Anderson gave teenage boys in the mid 90’s. And Strowman’s ability to make Vince (and fans) tingle, has potential to make him a WWE icon.

According to the Wrestling Observer, Vince McMahon sees Strowman as the ideal professional wrestler. Even more, Strowman’s laughable size and exceptional ability to hit WWE’s comedic notes could put him on a higher trajectory than current golden boy, Roman Reigns. As Strowman continues to improve, he’s not only captured the hearts of WWE decision makers but has been adopted by WWE fans as a quintessential favorite.

In short, 2018 may belong to Strowman.

The Monster Among Men is one of the best things to happen to WWE in a long time. His remarkable size is reminiscent of the 1980's monster heel that makes Vince McMahon salivate. Yet he possesses a contemporary athleticism that makes him a wrestling unicorn. Before speaking or wrestling, WWE fans of any nature are going to be captivated by The Monster Among Men. To Vince, Braun's only shortcoming is that he wasn't around to be body slammed by Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III.

2017 saw him venture out on his own for the first time. His quest to fly solo has been lucrative so far as he not only has to firepower to make any segment go viral, but WWE has yet to hesitate to put him in any big scenario. While his big match with Brock Lesnar left plenty to be desired, Strowman undeniably stole the show at SummerSlam, a moment that we’ll revisit as the night Braun became a made man.

Despite being one of the more bankable attractions in WWE, Strowman has little WrestleMania direction. A lot of that is circumstantial as his equals are tied up in huge matches, so while he won’t headline the show, that doesn't mean we can't be excited. In fact, that’s truly Strowman's best attribute — the ability to command exhilaration.

This is the essence of Braun Strowman. When he's on RAW, we have to tune in because it's likely that he can produce something we've never seen before — like tipping over an ambulance, grapple hooking scaffolds, or murdering people with cellos.


In the meantime, expect Strowman to find his way into the Intercontinental Championship scene at Wrestlemania. What's crazy is that doesn't matter if he wins, his presence alone makes the match mandatory viewing.

And that magnetic power is what separates Strowman from the rest.