Stephanie McMahon Setting a Trap for Ronda Rousey on RAW?

There's nothing more ruthless than a vindictive member of the McMahon family. And Ronda Rousey has supplied enough spiteful ammunition to bring out the worst in Stephanie McMahon.

On Monday, Ronda Rousey will make her first ever appearance on RAW. Objectively this is big deal as the former UFC Champion has only been to WrestleMania, Royal Rumble, and Elimination Chamber. However, her first RAW booking comes on the heels of a highly combustible Chamber show that saw her put Triple through a table and get a serious slap from Stephanie McMahon.

Given their unforgiving nature, one would think that Triple H and Stephanie can't wait to reprimand their newest Superstar on RAW tonight — but Stephanie says, or at is least is pretending to say, everything is cool.

Stephanie appeared to be level-headed on "RAW Talk" just an hour after assaulting Rousey. With a measured smile, Steph asserted that everything will be “just fine" at RAW.

While we appreciate Steph’s motion for peace, we don’t believe her. In fact, we’d be foolish to think that she has anything nice planned for the former UFC Champion.

So what can we expect?

Well, Kurt Angle is in some torment after his loose tongue sent Rousey’s contract signing into disarray. Look for Triple H and Stephanie to punish him without Rousey knowing, or maybe Angle will approach Rousey in secret.


But when the stage lights are on the ring, Steph and Triple H will appear to be understanding, highly goners hosts and will assure Rousey that everything is indeed “fine.” As Rousey lowers her guard, that’s when The Authority will rear their ugly head, but that may come at a later episode of RAW.

The important thing to remember is that WWE is building towards Ronda Rousey teaming with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania to take on Triple H and Stephanie. So even though we know where WWE is going, we only have guesses as to how they’ll get there.