'Woken' Matt Hardy Sends Bray Wyatt's Slump to New Lows at Elimination Chamber

No one has had a worse calendar year in WWE than Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt lost cleanly to Woken Matt Hardy at Elimination Chamber marking one of the more depressing data points in the Eater of World’s horrific slump.

This time in 2017, Bray was pinning John Cena and AJ Styles to win his first ever WWE Championship. But in 2018, at the exact same pay-per-view, Bray finds himself losing to a future WWE Hall of Famer dressed in a 43-year old Impact gimmick’s clothes. While Hary certainly has carries some charm, it’s hard to believe how far Bray has fallen.

For Hardy, this was a significant win. Given his Woken character is a rebooting of something that came from a land far from WWE, few gave him a chance to succeed. However, Hardy with his eccentric arsenal seems to have endeared himself to sects of WWE fans. Even more, it looks like Jeff Hardy is very close to returning from shoulder surgery.

An update was posted on PWInsider this week that notes Hardy was in Birmingham, Alabama on Tuesday to get his shoulder examined. He appears to be on pace for a typical return, which means he will be back this spring. However, his status for WrestleMania 34 remains up in the air. For his part, Hardy has told fans that he will indeed be back before WrestleMania in New Orleans.


Hardy did recently appear with brother Matt during the RAW 25-anniversary show back in January. When Jeff does make his full time return, it's anticipated that he will assume the "Brother Nero" role that was so popular prior to the Hardy's return to WWE. It's hoped that in teaming with his brother "Woken Matt," the "Woken Universe" story will receive a boost in momentum. If you've watched RAW of late, you know that Matt is struggling in reviving the character under WWE's banner and garnering the kind of attention the character received while he was with Impact Wrestling.

It looks like the Hardy are destined to rejoin RAW’s tag division upon Jeff’s return. but for Wyatt, the depths of his slide seem to know no end. We’ll say a prayer to the wrestling god that he gets to play at WrestleMania