Enzo Amore Accuser Recently Released from Mental Hospital, Admits Attempted Suicide

Philomena Sheahan, the alleged victim a sexual assault incident involving Enzo Amore, just released a new YouTube video to double down on her claims. Her previous posts have been met with doubt, but her newest video may be her most earnest confessional yet.

Since going public with her accusation,s Sheahan’s story has been picked apart by fans and even her friends. In the video above, Sheahan admits that her last videos may have deserved that criticism, but regardless, she still stands firmly behind her claims.

Sheahan has been in and out of psychiatric institution the alleged incident with Amore. Even more, Sheahan admits to attempting to take her own life by taking 16 times the prescribed amount of Trazadone, an antidepressant.

"I'm f--ked in the head, but I don't understand how someone [Arndt] can be so f--ked in the head and be so evil and malicious to do that to someone. Someone that they just met," she said.

Sheahan went on to explain that it was her naiveté that got her into the situation with Amore. As the story goes, Layla Shapiro recruited Sheahan for an evening with Enzo Amore. Upon arriving at Amore’s hotel, Sheahan and the former WWE's Superstars friends began using drugs. The friends would leave her with Amore, and that’s when things are believed to have gotten reprehensible - Philomena shared the entire account with TMZ.

However, Shapiro adamantly denied these claims. Even more, Sheahan's friends, Sam Cook all but discredited her in a series of his own Youtube videos. In the wake of the accusation, Enzo Amore was fired from WWE but would make an official denial through an attorney.

Sean went on to explain in her latest video that her trip to the mental hospital earned her several alarming diagnoses.

"I have borderline personality disorder," she said. "I have six diagnoses: anorexia, anxiety, depression, bipolar, borderline personality disorder, PTSD," she said.

This is situation bound to evolve over time and we'll keep you posted on the development of the story.

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