WWE Hall of Famer in Love With Naomi's Push

2017 has been a very kind year to SmackDown Women's Champion Naomi. The WWE veteran fought her way to the top of her class and the company has responded by fully supporting her rise.

Naomi owns the most aesthetically pleasing entrance in all of WWE. That combined with her electric athleticism and sneaky charisma has rocketed her to popularity.

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It's not just fans who are feeling the glow. Former RAW GM, Mick Foley can't help but vibe with Naomi. He recently took to his Facebook page to send a little praise to the SmackDown Women's Champion:

"Do you feel the glow? I do! Naomi's entrance is unlike anything I have ever seen in #WWE and now she has a championship title - it's still a #BELT to me - that is equally unique. A great look for a great #SmackDownLive #WomensChampion. I'm really looking forward to her #SummerSlam match with Natalya, and hope it is given a place on a packed card where it can shine."

Foley's kind remarks made it back to Naomi within hours. Needless to say, the champion was humbled by the Hall of Famer's compliments:

The SummerSlam match in question got some much-needed clarity last night at Battleground. Natalya pinned Charlotte to win a Fatal 5-Way match to earn the right to challenge Naomi at SummerSlam. most fans were likely expecting Charlotte to emerge the victor, but Natalya's win came as a pleasant surprise.

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So WWE has some work in terms of making this story be a compelling one. Fans are going to want to support the veteran underdog Nattie.

After the match ended, Naomi hopped into the ring for a display of sportsmanship, Nattie wanted no part of it and declined the handshake. As of tonight, she's still a heel.

The march towards Summerslam should be an interesting one. For Noami and Natalya, next month's pay-per-view will be the biggest match for both of their careers. Maybe WWE can create a story about which woman needs this win more.

For the rest of the division, there are only more question marks. Becky Lynch and Charlotte now find themselves out of the title picture for at least a month. Chances are, WWE will not make room for multiple Smackdown women's matches on the main SummerSlam card. Regardless, Smackdown will have more answer for us on Tuesday.