'Young Sheldon' Avoids Major 'Big Bang Theory' Plot Detail

This week's Young Sheldon, Season 6, Episode 18, "Little Green Men and a Fella's Marriage Proposal," avoided a pretty big Big Bang Theory plot. Fans of the beloved sitcom know that in the future, it's revealed that Sheldon walked in on his dad having sex with another woman during spring break when he was younger. It was the reason why he knocked three times on a door before entering. However, the latest episode evidently went right past it, and Sheldon and Missy were both back in school.

While the Big Bang prequel has been telling stories a tad differently than its predecessor, this is a pretty big one to skip over. Luckily, fans may be able to still see it in Young Sheldon Season 7, as the executive producer previously told TVLine, "Not in Season 6, but it's possible that it will get addressed in the future. But again, without saying it didn't happen, we're not obligated to tell all the stories that Sheldon told on Big Bang. So I'm not saying we are, or we're not, but it's not happening in Season 6. It could potentially happen in Season 7, and it's a possibility we've talked about a lot, so it's on the table. But just because it happened doesn't mean it's a story [our narrator] has to tell."

It's disappointing to know that such a big scene that not only changed Sheldon's views of his father but also prompted him to do something that is so significant of his character now was skipped over. Since Young Sheldon is telling stories differently, it sounds like this is one storyline that still has the potential of being told, just at a later time. Since there is enough disaster coming to Young Sheldon, you don't want to hit the Coopers all at once. This is supposed to be a comedy, after all.

It also makes somewhat sense to skip over the storyline because of the proposal cliffhanger. Georgie asking Mandy to marry him is pretty big, and the aftermath of it would have definitely been overshadowed by Sheldon's unfortunate interruption. There is so much going on in the Cooper household, it would definitely be hard to keep up with everything. As the series gets closer and closer to George Sr.'s untimely death, it's only a matter of time before other Big Bang Theory stories make their way to the Young Sheldon world, including the walk-in.