'Yellowstone' Favorite Is Coming to 'FBI: Most Wanted'

Yellowstone star Jen Landon is gearing up for a new role on FBI: Most Wanted. She is set to recur on the CBS series as Sarah Allen, a horse riding instructor who will work with Special Agent Jess LaCroix's (Julian McMahan) daughter, Tali (YaYa Gosselin). According to TVLine, her character is also written to become a prospective love interest for LaCroix.

Recently, Yellowstone fans spotted a plot hole in the series. While most episodes and seasons are set in present times, the popular series does use flashbacks to create their story. However, because of this, some viewers have pointed out the geography that doesn't necessarily line up with the time of year. One viewer noted, "The intro takes place in March. The trees in the background say otherwise," according to Express. "In the mountains in March, leaves are usually not fully developed on trees until April at the earliest. The scene was likely shot in the fall."

Scenes that are set around the Dutton ranch are shot in Montana, but other scenes are shot in Utah. It started with the show's first flashback during the first season, revealing the death of John Dutton's (Kevin Costner) wife, Evelyn (Gretchen Mol). Naturally, most viewers paid close attention to the emotion of the premiere. However, some couldn't help but notice more in further detail.

Because the production schedule and story's timeline don't always line up due to different seasons, it appears this is why the scenes don't always correlate. "I suspect the writing and timeline will come together more nicely going forward; think of season three as the transition," another user wrote. The series was never intended to go further than two seasons, but the cast and crew have prepared for more seasons due to its popularity.


As fans anticipate the Season 4 premiere, set to take place in June 2021, actor Denim Richards who plays the role of a ranch hand, Colby, told PopCulture.com that the cast and crew are doing everything they can to remain safe on set so that there won't be delays. "Just know that some of us are here shooting season four and we're gonna do what we gotta do to try to get this thing back on track. We are back and we are getting ready to start production, which is really a beautiful thing. So that we can hopefully have something that comes on time coming in next year, but they'll definitely be some changes, a lot of shakeups, but with this show, you just never know anything."