'Wipeout' Contestant's Cause of Death Revealed

A few months ago, it was reported that an individual who had competed on Wipeout died after completing the course. Now, new details have emerged about the situation. On Friday, TMZ reported that the individual involved in this matter, 38-year-old Michael Paredes, died from a heart attack brought on by coronary artery disease.

TMZ obtained an autopsy report from the Los Angeles County coroner in regards to Paredes' death. Prior to his passing, the contestant was running an obstacle built over a body of water when he fell down. Paredes was able to swim to the edge of the water, but he was unable to pull himself out. When he was eventually pulled out, he was put into a wheelchair. Once he was in the wheelchair, Paredes was reportedly leaning from side-to-side before he went into cardiopulmonary arrest. The contestant was resuscitated and subsequently rushed to the hospital.

Paredes died around 24 hours after he was hospitalized. Based on the autopsy that TMZ obtained, there was an extensive amount of blockage in Paredes' coronary arteries. His right coronary artery reportedly had up to 90% stenosis (which relates to a narrowing or restriction), and his other coronary arteries had issues, as well. A secondary factor in his death is listed as pneumonia. Before contestants compete on Wipeout, they must undergo a series of medical exams before participating. In Paredes' autopsy, there was no reported medical history. In other words, Paredes likely had no idea that he had such a serious health condition before his passing.


In addition to having every contestant undergo a series of medical exams, there are also two paramedics on site along with a safety producer and a paramedic coordinator. Shortly after news broke in November that Paredes died following the completion of the Wipeout course, those behind the series issued statements in which they noted that they were thinking of the contestant during the tragic time. The new version of Wipeout, which is set to air sometime in 2021, is a reboot of the ABC original. It will air on TBS, which released a statement about the contestant's death that read, "We are devastated to have learned of his passing and our deepest sympathy goes out to the family." Endemol Shine North America, the production company behind Wipeout, also released a statement, sharing, "We offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and our thoughts are with them at this time."