Wilmer Valderrama Reveals the Reason Behind 'NCIS' Longevity and Success

NCIS is one of the longest-running, most beloved shows on television, and Wilmer Valderrama is opening up about his part making the show what it is today. The actor opened up about working on the beloved CBS crime procedural, and couldn't stop gushing about the amazing team behind the show's success.

"It sinks in how unique of an opportunity it was for everybody and the cast on the show," Valderrama told Entertainment Tonight this week. "I think it's the people. I think the people is what keeps the engine going. I think that audiences can see that something on set is working and that people like coming to work and they're still trying."

"And after 17 seasons to have a cast and a writers' room and a crew that's still, not only grateful to be on set, but excited to come to work, and still laugh all day long and have that energy," he added. "From the top down."

The actor also shared his admiration for series star Mark Harmon's dedication to the series.

"You talk about Mark Harmon, Mark is someone that leads with kindness and his energy is beautiful. We have quite a bromance going on, him and I. But from the top, down, I think it's the people. The fact that people still love coming to work," Valderrama said.

Valderrama's Nick Torres had a big episode earlier this week, as the show introduced the agent's newest fling. After he hinted at seeing someone new, the show introduced his girlfriend Elena Devol (Lisa LoCicero). Their relationship took a hit when he met her adult son Richard.

The episode saw as Nick and Elena coincidentally ran into Richard while he was on a date with Bishop (Emily Wickersham). After an awkward double date, Torres realized he was jealous of Bishop getting close to the man. Their friction led to a relationship where they continued to negate their chemistry.

Despite the setback, the episode ended with Bishop revealing Richard had gone back to his life and their date was a one-time thing. Torres also revealed Elena had broken up with him and they were now single once again.


Season 17 of NCIS also shocked fans with the return of beloved character Ziva David (Cote de Pablo). The actress first reprised the fan-favorite role in a surprise scene in the Season 16 finale. She returned for the first two episodes of Season 17 and is expected to wrap up her storyline with the fall finale December 17, and the winter premiere in January.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET CBS.