'Will & Grace' Showrunners Reveal Plans for Seasons Two and Three

Will & Grace ended the first season of its revival with a cliffhanger that could change the series forever.

Thursday's season finale left best friends Will (Eric McCorack) and Grace (Debra Messing) potentially upgrading their relationship status from best friends to siblings.

After losing their respective partners, Grace's dad (Robert Klein) and Will's mom (Blythe Danner) met and enjoyed their company so much — including one steamy night in Will's room, that they decide to announce they want to get married. And they were not alone, as Jack (Sean Hayes) also accepted his new boyfriend Estefan's proposal after meeting during a quick trip to Ibiza, Spain.

Both of the new couples told Will and Grace that their rash decision stemmed from their desire to not end up like them: Alone and in what they think to be a toxic relationship. The show twists the knife on the best friends after Karen (Megan Mullaly) announces she called off her long-term affair with her lover (Alec Baldwin) to keep her marriage afloat and be in a "healthy" relationship.

According to The Wrap, Will & Grace creators and showrunners Max Mutchnick and David Kohan the cliffhanger will have the show's besties reevaluating their relationship in the upcoming second season.

"The idea was that they had both sort of come to this point in their lives where they were very sanguine about where they were and what their life was," Kohan told The Wrap. "And Grace had made her peace about being single, being content with her lot. And Will recognized the folly of trying to really quickly rush into a relationship under the wire. And they had both gotten to the point where, 'Hey things are good.' And then suddenly circumstances conspire to show them maybe they shouldn't be so sure of themselves."

"[Will and Grace] are accused of being too incestuous," Kohan said. "And what happens now that they are literally incestuous? That's the big question we land on."

And the series will have more than enough time to explore this new phase in the pair's relationship, as NBC has renewed the series for seasons two and three, of 18 episodes each.

Despite the two-season renewal, Koha and Mutchnick revealed they will keep the storylines flowing organically, rather than framing a strict plan.

"Things happen during the course of a season that I mean, yeah we might have an idea or we might have in the back of our minds something that we want two years down the road," Kohan said. "But we also know that things happen during the course of a season. Relationships are made or moments sort of coalesce around something that we didn't foresee, that move the show in a different direction. So to be married to a certain way to go or a certain way to end it — it's written in pencil."


"If we get through it one year at a time, it's better that way," Mutchnick added. "And what Season 3 gives us is almost an emotional cushion."

Will & Grace is set to return with all new episode this fall.