'Wicked Tuna': How to Watch Every Episode

Wicked Tuna has become one of the most popular National Geographic reality shows ever, and fan may be thrilled to know that there's a way they can watch every episode. All eight seasons of the hit fishing series are available to stream on National Geographic's website. However, fans will need to subscribe to a Preview Pass in order to stream more than one episode. For fans of the show that also have a Hulu subscription, seasons four-six and eight are available on the streaming service.

The spinoff series Wicked Tuna: Outer Banks is also available on Hulu.

For those who are subscribed to Hulu's Live Tv package, Wicked Tuna: Hooked Up is also available.

Recently, the producers of Wicked Tuna launched the hashtag "Ask Marciano", so that fans could ask Wicked Tuna star Captain Marciano ask question they have.

Many fans of the show have replied, with one asking, "What time of year do you guys do the taping of the Outer Banks, because it does not look cold out at all.? And when do you guy fish for Tuna up north. Thx"

Another fan tweeted, "I have 2 questions that I hope you can answer but I also hope to see you catching too many *diamonds * as Jason puts it to answer tweets but here goes... why do you use the same part of the boat to reel?"

"What is the main lesson you want your kids to learn from you about fishing?" the fan continued.


Make sure to tune in to Wicked Tuna to see Captain Marciano answer some of fans' burning questions.