'Whiskey Cavalier' Predicted to Be Canceled Following Low Ratings

TV analysts are expecting ABC to drop Whiskey Cavalier as the freshman action series continues to draw poor ratings.

ABC launched Whiskey Cavalier late in the season this year, with the pilot episode premiering immediately after the Oscars back in February. At the time, all signs showed that ABC had high hopes for Whiskey Cavalier, but according to TV By The Numbers, those hopes have not panned out.

Whiskey Cavalier has consistently under-performed in terms of Nielsen ratings, with its first week earning a mere 0.7 live + same day rating among adults ages 18-49. It hit its season high the following week with a 0.9, but unfortunately it has all been downhill from there.

Whiskey Cavalier is averaging a 0.66 rating for the season — the second-lowest rated new show this year on ABC, following The Fix. Many point to the show's strange airing schedule for this. After all, a comedy action show like Whiskey Cavalier usually does not jump in so late in the TV season, and does not get consigned to awkward spots in the schedule. Analysts speculate that viewers may simply not have been led to Whiskey Cavalier as they are to so many other acclaimed shows, and it may have missed its mark.

Critically speaking, the show has been a success. Whiskey Cavalier has an 85 percent positive rating on Rotten Tomatoes' Tomatometer, averaging its ratings from 33 different reviews. Meanwhile, it holds a 75 percent positive from the audience, counting 221 different user ratings. The show delivers on its promise of light-hearted fun interspersed with heart-stopping action and fun one-liner quips.

Whiskey Cavalier follows an FBI agent by the same codename, played by Scott Foley. He finds himself emotionally vulnerable after a bad breakup, but rather than mope he is forced to go out on a mission where he works with CIA operative Fiery Tribune (Lauren Cohan). The two form an unlikely inter-agency team of spies who save the world and do their best to save Whiskey Cavalier's personal life as well.

While things may not look good for Whiskey Cavalier, there is still time for it to turn around. The show has seven more episodes in its first season, giving it a few more chances to make a strong impression before ABC pulls the plug. Perhaps as other shows wrap up for the year, Whiskey Cavalier will stand out enough to draw some attention and get the last minute pick-up for another year.


Whiskey Cavalier airs on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.