'Wheel of Time' Teases Iconic Sword in New Promo for Amazon Series

Amazon Prime has been promising a new teaser for its Wheel of Time series for days now, and on Wednesday afternoon it finally delivered. The streaming service released a look at Rand Al'Thor's Heron-marked sword in a new video posted on social media. The new teaser made it as clear as ever that the show will be sticking close to the books it is based on, with close attention to detail.

Like The Wheel of Time's last teaser, this one began with a dramatic shot of the words on the page. After reminding fans of how the sword was first described, the clip gave them a look at how it was brought into reality, with sketches, plans and even tools on a work bench. Finally, the sword itself was displayed on a scenic forest floor that could have come right out of The Two Rivers.

"The blade, very slightly curved and sharp on only one edge, bore another heron etched into the steel," read the quote from Robert Jordan's book The Eye of the World — first in The Wheel of Time series. In a separate tweet, the shows official Twitter account drew attention to another quote: "'I got it a long time ago,' Tam said, 'a long way from here.'"

Fans of the book series are very familiar with this sword, which helps establish some of the mystery that permeates The Wheel of Time series. More fans will soon know it from TV, as this ambitious adaptation aims to capitalize on the current high-fantasy craze in prestige TV.

The Wheel of Time comes from writer and showrunner Rafe Judkins, who posted his own tweets about the sword teaser on Wednesday afternoon. He offered to answer up to 10 fan questions in response to the teaser, providing the anxious fandom with more tidbits of information.

Judkins' tweets gave fans a little insight on how producers are building the aesthetic of the many distinct cultures in the series, and how they decided on what to keep from the books and what to change. He wrote: "We're approaching this as an adaptation of the entire series, not just each book individually, so hopefully Season One will feel more like the entire book series of Wheel of Time than it does like Eye of the World."

In another tweet, Judkins added: "When the books came out they felt so blazingly fresh and different and new, so we want that same thing to be true of the show, and if you see us leaning away from certain elements in the books, oftentimes it's because audiences have now seen them before!"


The Wheel of Time is currently in production and filming around Europe, wherever it is allowed by coronavirus restrictions. So far, the series has no solid release date.