Wendy Williams Addresses Rumor Her Show Will End After Next Season

Wendy Williams has finally addressed the rumor that her daytime talk show will end after next season. On her way out of a building in New York City, TMZ camera's caught up to Williams and asked her about the show's future. She assured fans that rumors are not true, saying, "The show will be on for until I say 'No.' And I'm not ready to go." Fans could be heard cheering on her comments as she climbed into the back of an SUV to head off.

The rumors about The Wendy Williams Show being canceled emerged earlier this month after the show ended its 10th season. A source who spoke with Page Six stated that employees of the show were worried about its future, and the some were even looking for other jobs.

“Staff are all celebrating what was one of the most difficult seasons over the 10 years of the show,” the source told the outlet exclusively, “because of Wendy’s health, rehab, her fractured shoulder, the sober-living facility, her husband’s infidelity … and the divorce announcement.”

“They are all well aware that all they have is Season 11 left, that’s guaranteed, but until [production company] Debmar-Mercury announces that they are renewing additional seasons beyond the next season, some staff have begun searching for jobs,” the insider added.

A spokesperson for the show refuted the rumors, and also addressed allegations that Williams and her staff have been at odds. “Wendy and her staff are closer than ever. Last night was a great celebration to wrap up the show’s 10th season and everyone is excited to come back for the 11th season on September 16,” a statement from the spokesperson read.

Additionally, Suzanne Bass — the show's current co-executive producer — recently posted on Instagram about the "ups and downs" of season 10, but also celebrated the accomplishments that the staff and host achieved during the rocky season.

“Saying Goodbye to Season 10. [My husband] B and I love our girl Wendy. It’s been a year of ups and downs but no matter what we’ve had her back,” she captioned a collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the show. “Ten years deep. B and I have each other and together we have her. Here’s to Season 11!”

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Williams addressed the rocky season herself, saying, "This season has been, well, hell for me, in a weird way. I appreciate doing this show because it's my one hour where I get to be fun and forget about stuff. You've seen me pass out the season, you've read [about me] in tabloids and the paparazzi and all that, but through it all, my one joy — aside from my son and my family — is you."

"I'm not doing this show forever, but I certainly will be back for season 11," Williams added. "A lot of people didn't think we could do it, but we did it! September 16. I love you for watching, and I'll see you next time on Wendy."


The Wendy Williams Show will return for Season 11 on September 16.

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