'V-Wars' Star Laura Vandervoort Details Her Hopes for Season 2 of Netflix Series (Exclusive)

As fans of the series are well aware, Netflix's V-Wars offers up a unique and incredibly exciting take on the vampire genre. While Season 1 of the series dropped on Dec. 5, there's already talk about what may be ahead in a possible Season 2, and one of its stars, Laura Vandervoort, recently spoke with PopCulture.com all about what she hopes could be next in store for her character Mila Dubov and the new horror show. Spoilers ahead for V-Wars Season 1.

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Season 1 of the series saw Bloods (vampires) and humans going head-to-head. But, Vandervoort's Mila, a woman with the vampire virus who chooses not to feed directly off of humans, managed to stay out of much of the fray. And that dynamic only added to the mystery and exciting behind the character, as the actor related.

"I think what Netflix and our incredible producers and writers chose to do with Mila this season was actually a really great decision," Vandervoort told PopCulture.com about her character's specific path. "She's sort of a mysterious character, doesn't have a lot of interactions with the other cast. That sort of gave her her own personality and storyline, because she is so different from the other Bloods."

In the final scene of Season 1, which is set months into the future, Mila, now a Vourdalak (a Blood that feeds on humans but doesn't kill them), can be seen reaching out to Ian Somerhalder's Dr. Luther Swann. Given that meeting, Mila will likely be involved in this major Blood-filled battle come Season 2.

"I think she's just being strategical and knows that he is the one person she should be teaming up with," Vandervoort says about her possible team-up with Swann in Season 2. "Surprisingly enough, the fact that Ian's character [Luther Swann] is willing to join forces with her, without knowing anything about her, will be interesting to see where that goes as well, if there's some sort of relationship that develops there."

It's clear that these two unlikely forces could form some kind of alliance in Season 2. Could fans expect even more interactions between Mila and any other characters in the cast? Vandervoort would definitely be on board with it.

"I would love to work with every single cast member," she says. "I mean, it would appear I'll be working alongside Luther if there is another season. I'd love to work more with Kimberly-Sue Murray, who plays my sister, but we don't know if she's alive."

Vandervoort's Mila and Kimberly-Sue Murray's Danika Dubov certainly had a dicey, sisterly relationship throughout V-Wars. Their complicated dynamic even led to a showdown at the end of Season 1 between the two Bloods, and it's unclear if Danika was able to make it out of that showdown alive.

Another character whose fate was left up-in-the-air was Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes), the original Blood who had been excommunicated by his fellow Bloods at the end of Season 1. If Fayne does make it to Season 2, Vandervoort expressed that she would love to work alongside Holmes, as they've known each other for quite some time.

"Adrian Holmes, who plays Fayne, I've known him for years," Vandervoort shares. "He is an incredible actor and human being, and I would love for our characters to interact, although I think that interaction would be explosive, I think that would be a lot of fun."


V-Wars has not yet been renewed for Season 2. However, given all of the exciting possibilities for the show that Vandervoort shared, having a second season of the Netflix series is simply a no-brainer.

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