Sources Provide Update on Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve Soundcheck

Fans, producers, and co-stars have been nervous for Mariah Carey's return performance on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve tonight. However, reports from the set say her full rehearsal and sound check went off without a hitch.

The singer stormed off the stage at last year's event after technical difficulties with her ear piece and her pre-recorded music. Carey slammed ABC and the producers of the show, claiming they sabotaged her performance intentionally to increase ratings. ABC denied those allegations, but Carey insisted that the show was not "artist-friendly."

She must have had a change of heart, as this year she returned for a chance at redemption. Carey released a joint statement with ABC, voicing her excitement to put on a great show and send 2017 off in style.

Ryan Seacrest, a co-host of the broadcast, confessed to E! News this morning that he was "anxious" about the performance. Seacrest said any number of things can go wrong within five hours of live television, and Carey's act was certainly one of the things on his mind.


Despite all the drama, reports from the scene all confirm that Carey had a great rehearsal. The singer practiced exhaustively this time around, leaving no room for error. That should be a step up after last year, when she hired a body double to go through the sound-check for her.

Witnesses say Carey left the stage in a great mood, and the sound quality from the audience was flawless. Hopefully she can keep that up for a couple more hours when she's set to take the stage for real.