Twitter Reacts to ABC's 'Year in Memoriam' 2017

ABC aired a one-hour 20/20 special looking back on the celebrities we lost in 2017, called The Year In Memoriam 2017. Twitter tuned in, sharing their emotions as they watched the stars they loved remembered.

The special focused on a handful of celebrities, including Don Rickles, Mary Tyler Moore, Glen Campbell, Tom Petty and David Cassidy. At the end, ABC showed a montage of more actors, comedians and musicians who died in the past 12 months.

If ABC intended to make viewers cry, the network succeeded at that. Although not every celebrity death could be fit into the one-hour block, many were thankful that ABC offered such a special hour.

The special made it clear that while the stars are gone, their work still lives on.

Some were surprised to see how many stars died in the past year.


Some fans were particularly heartbroken about the deaths of Petty, Chris Cornell and Chester Bennington.

One fan would have preferred a two-hour In Memoriam instead of a two-hour Christmas light contest.