Tom Brady Caught Dropping F-Bomb on CBS Before Playoff Game

Tom Brady has some strong words for a cameraman as he jogged out onto the field to face the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

The New England Patriots quarterback was on his way to warm up with his team, but a CBS cameraman was jogging backwards, keeping a tight focus on the NFL star's face. Apparently, Brady found the filming to be an obstruction, because he shouted something at the cameraman that producers weren't prepared to bleep.

"Get the fout of the way!" Brady shouted.

Brady had reportedly cut his hand pretty badly in a recent practice session, and fans were worried that it would affect his performance. Apparently it was already affecting his mood as he took the field to kick off the AFC Championship. The quarterback took the field with his hand wrapped up, and some reports claim he's playing even with stitches intact.

The tweet had fans in a frenzy, either cheering Brady on or throwing the curses right back at him. Many argued that he was actually shouting at the players for the Jaguars, though none appear to be close enough to hear him. Others insisted that the recording wasn't Brady's voice.


Whatever the case, the moment of flaring tempers was a huge start for the AFC Championship.