'This Is Us' Reveals New Clue Regarding Jack's Death

(Warning: Spoilers ahead for the latest episode of This Is Us)

A couple of episodes into the second season of This Is Us, we know very little about Jack's death. We know that the Pearson family patriarch died as a result of a house fire, that the children were 17 at the time and that Kate blamed herself for what happened.

In Tuesday night's episode, This Is Us gave everyone a little more insight into Jack's death, and it explains exactly why Kevin has yet to talk about it.

During a set of flashbacks, it's revealed that Kevin broke his leg in high school, which explains the cast he's wearing on the night of Jack's death. While in the hospital, Jack gives Kevin the necklace that he's been seen wearing since the beginning of the series.

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Later, Kevin is seen in a car with Sophie, and Kate is walking up with tears in her eyes. She has to break the news about their father.

Unlike Kate and Randall, Kevin wasn't around when his dad died, and he still hasn't really gotten over that. So, as the season goes on, if Kevin gets ready to go out on a big date with Sophie, it could mean that Jack's death is on the way.

The episode also revealed how Kate got the dog she was holding when she found out about Jack's death. While Jack and Rebecca were on a date, a stray dog started eating the cheeseburgers that they had left on the ground. It's clear that the couple ended up taking the dog home that night.


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