'This is Us' Reveals How Rebecca and Miguel Reconnected

It's known that Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) remarried to Miguel Rivas (Jon Huertas) years after her husband, Jack (Milo Ventimiglia), died. Now fans have an idea how she reconnected with Miguel, who was Jack's best friend.

Tuesday night's episode, entitled "The 20's," shows the Pearson family is an unseen time period. The children are all in their 20s, with Randall (Sterling K. Brown) welcoming his daughter Tess with wife Beth (Susan Kelechi Watson).

It's during the final day of Beth's pregnancy that Rebecca comes to visit the couple to help them prepare.

As Randall is distracted by assembling a ceiling fan, the Pearson matriarch and her daughter-in-law get a chance to bond. Rebecca then asks Beth if she should set up a Facebook account to see pictures of the upcoming baby, as well as stay connected to her loved ones.

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"My friends are telling me I need to join something called 'Facebook; to see all the baby pictures you're gonna post," Rebecca says. "They say that it's a good way to stay connected and feel a part of a community."

Beth obliges and agrees to set her up a profile.

Fast forward to the episode's last moments, and Rebecca is shown on the social media platform reading a message from Miguel.

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"Congrats on your first grandchild!" Miguel writes. "Hello from Houston - didn't know you were on this! How've you been for the past eight years?"

Rebecca seems happy to here from an old friend, especially after talking about how she wishes Jack was still alive in an earlier scene. She types out "I'm hanging in there," but erases it.

She then decides to write out a simple, more positive message, "I'm good. How are you?"

This alludes to the fact that now-couple's first steps towards forming a relationship happened all thanks to Facebook.


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