'This Is Us' Fans Heartbroken After Deja's Great-Grandmother's Death Scene

This Is Us gave fans a new, loving grandmother character only to take her away minutes later.

During Tuesday' episode, dedicated to Déjà's (Lyric Ross) backstory, viewers found out how her mom Shauna (Jo Brunson) relied heavily on her grandmother (Pam Grier), who Déjà referred to as Gigi.

Viewers were elated to see Grier on This Is Us but the joy wouldn't last much as her appearance was cut short by Gigi's tragic passing.

When Déjà is five, she and Shauna live with Gigi, and she acts more like a mother to the young girl as her mother is young herself and more interested in being out with her boyfriend than taking care of her daughter.

Gigi scolds Shauna for leaving her daughter alone and confronts her for not carrying her weight with responsibilities at home.

In the next scene, the trio is seen arriving back at their apartment after a grocery store trip. The matriarch begins to stumble and brace against the wall. The young Deja asks her Gigi if she's alright. She tells her "I'm okay, baby."

However, Gigi falls to the floor and dies in front of Shauna and Déjà.

The mother and daughter are seen mourning during the next scene, as they comfort each other in bed. The two sit together as Déjà reads Goodnight Moon, which Gigi would often do for her.


Fans of the series on social media were quick to express their grief, claiming the show made them cry in record time.

This Is Us airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.