'This Is Us' Fans Stunned by What Happens to Jack in House Fire

In a bizarre twist early in the post-Super Bowl episode of This Is Us, Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) did not die in the fire that burned down the family's house in Pittsburgh. That left fans shocked, since the show was teasing Jack's death by fire.

The previous episodes were building towards the house fire, which we first saw in the season two premiere. It looked like Jack would die in the fire, but now we see that was not the case.

The Sunday episode opened with the fire, which started after Jack accidentally left a Crock-Pot on. He saved Randall and Rebecca by making a rope out of bedsheets for them to climb down. He also had to go back to save Kate, and managed to pull that off. Jack also went back in for Kate's dog, which is when he inhaled soot and smoke.

The big winner from the revelation was the maker of the Crock-Pot. In one of the commercials for the show, Milo Ventimiglia said he forgave Crock-Pot.

Crock-Pot even issued a long statement after last week's episode aired, defending their slowcookers.


"Our hope is that the team at NBC's This Is Us will help us spread factual information regarding our product's safety," the company said in a statement. "While we know their primary mission is to entertain — something they have continued to excel in — we also feel they have a responsibility to inform. Just like many fans, we will be watching next week's episode to see how Jack's story progresses and, regardless of the outcome, we want consumers first and foremost to know they are safe when using their Crock-Pot."