'This Is Us' Fans Hate Kevin After Tuesday Night's Episode

This Is Us fans are not happy with one member of the Big Three's attitude.While the grief of [...]

This Is Us fans are not happy with one member of the Big Three's attitude.

While the grief of losing Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) affected every member of the Pearson family in their own way, Kevin (Logan Shroyer) ticked off fans with his rudeness toward his siblings and his mother.

Stuck by the giref of his father's death, Kevin was snappy from the moment they got in the car to head to the funeral. IN a touching moment, Kevin struggles to tie his tie, as he had just recently been taught how to do it by Jack when he was getting ready for a dance, but he didn't remember.

Randall (Niles Fitch) offers to help Kevin, but he rudely rejects his brother's help and chooses to not wear a tie altogether.

The scene that infuriated fans however came during the reception, when Kevin notices Randall wearing Jack's watch. Kevin loudly yells at him for wearing it, then finds out Rebecca (Mandy Moore) said it was O.K. for him to wear it, and he goes and yells at her.

The brothers continue to argue in front of the crowd until Kate (Hannah Zeile) tells them to stop embarassing themselves.

As tensions lessened onscreen fans of the NBC hit drama were livid at Kevin for acting so disrespectfully toward his family after his father's death.

Ahead of the episode, Mandy Moore called the follow up to the post-Super Bowl reveal an even bigger tearjerker.

"I think that it's more gut-wrenching than [the Super Bowl episode] because people knew what to expect," Mandy Moore said to Entertainment Weekly. "They were like, 'All right — this is it.' You're bracing for impact. You know that this is the episode where you get all the answers that you've been asking since the show started. [With 'Across the Border'], in typical This Is Us fashion, they've found a way to meld really beautiful stories from the past to highlight what an incredible example of a man and a father and a husband that Jack was in every sense. They highlight every one of his most winning attributes and couple that with us going through the steps of burying him — of saying goodbye to him."

The episode also saw the return of fan favorite recurring character Nathan "Dr. K" Katowski.

This Is Us will return with all new episodes February 27, the show regularly airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.