‘This Is Us’ Announces Season 3 Premiere Date on NBC

NBC finally announced the return date for its hit drama This Is Us' third season.The fan-favorite [...]

NBC finally announced the return date for its hit drama This Is Us' third season.

The fan-favorite drama making people stock up on Kleenex will return with new episodes on Tuesday, September 25.

The network announced the show's return, along with the rest of its fall lineup earlier Tuesday.

The series celebrated the news with a video showing a calendar marked with Jack's, and the Big Three's, birthday on August 31 and the show's return on September 25, as first reported by Entertainment Tonight.

There’s no you. There’s no me. There’s just US. #ThisIsUs. September 25.

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Series star Mandy Moore, who plays Rebecca Pearson, also shared the video, along with the caption "#TissueTuesdays return September 25th at 9 p.m. (E.T.)! See you soon."

The second season of the hit NBC drama left fans with many unanswered questions, including a series of flash forwards signaling where the series might be heading for season three.

Series creator Dan Fogelman made headlines recently when he revealed that while the show has many more stories to tell, parts of the series' eventual series finale have already been filmed.

"We're pretty far out," Fogelman told reporters at a "For Your Consideration" panel on May 29. "We know where it ends and we know the path for each season. We've always had a plan, we didn't want to get stuck. ... The show won't overstay its welcome, we have a story to tell, we want to do this the right way. I've actually already shot pieces of the final scene of the series."

Moore later said she was overjoyed at the idea Fogelman and the other writers already knew where the Pearson family was headed in future episodes and seasons.

"I know, it's crazy! Though it gives me solace to at least know that Dan knows how the show is going to end," Moore told Entertainment Tonight at the time. "He's not flying by the seat of his pants, you know? Like, there is sort of a through line and a punctuation point and he knows how it all comes together."

Filming for the third season is set to begin in July, with the latest mystery to solve in the Pearson family history actually takes place in the future, where fans are eager to find out who the "her" is Randall (Sterling. K. Brown) was talking about in a flash-forward scene with his adult daughter Tess.

"What I can tell you is this, it sort of leads to the end game of our show as a whole, not the season, per say," Brown said of the mystery in May. "Who you think the 'her' is. is probably not who it actually is ... it'll throw a bit of a curve. But it'll be something you'll see at the end of the show."

Mark your calendars This Is Us fans.