'The Voice': Nashville Viewers Lash out After Missing Episode for Local Severe Weather Coverage

Thanks to severe weather warnings in southern Kentucky, NBC affiliate WSMV interrupted The Voice in the Nashville, Tennessee, area Monday night as the counties under tornado warnings are included in the network's viewing area. Fans were not happy about missing almost the entire The Voice episode. The other local networks interrupted national primetime line-ups as well.

WSMV stopped The Voice about 20 minutes into Monday night's episode to let viewers know about a National Weather Service-issued tornado warning for Trigg and Christian counties in southern Kentucky due to a dangerous storm moving east. The NWS reported a tornado being observed over Crofton, Kentucky, 12 miles north of Hopkinsville, reports WSMV. The tornado warning was extended to 9 p.m. CT.

Since the storm was not over Nashville at the time WSMV began its reporting, some fans could not understand why The Voice was being interrupted now. People took to both Facebook and Twitter to complain

"Can we not have the crawler going and weather updates during commercials? I mean we don't need minute by minute commentary," one person posted on Facebook. "Once every ten minutes should be sufficient. It's not like it's changing that frequently!"

"Please stop. This is 100 miles away," another wrote. "Its the same thing over and over."

"Guys it's way above us the later storms for us aren't till like 1 and that's if we get a tornado warning we in Tn why do we have to do min by min do it on commercials," another wrote.

"[WSMV] can you give people the option to listen to you or watch [The Voice]?" one viewer tweeted. "I really would like to watch the voice since I'm out of the bad weather path."

Others pointed out that The Voice will be available to watch online tomorrow and the network was delivering useful information.

"What's more important you shows or your safety," one person wrote on Facebook.

"Karma is a B— when this comes through Nashville hopefully the ones who don't care for others well being don't have the same for them," another wrote.

"Like I said go complain elsewhere y'all must not care about your safety ahead of time," another wrote.


The Voice airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo credit: Art Streiber/NBC