'The Voice' Contestant Chavon Rodgers Reacts to Claim He Snubbed Ariana Grande's Hug

The Voice star Chavon Rodgers is responding to claims that he snubbed a hug from his coach Ariana Grande in the latest episode. The awkward moment took place right after he and David Vogel went head to head in a vocal battle, singing their rendition of Fall Out Boy's "Sugar, We're Goin Down." 

Grande had a tough decision to make as she was forced to pick the winner. "This is so unimaginably hard for me," she said while deciding which of her singers would go on to compete in the Knockout Rounds. "I love and care about you both and you're both so talented." She ultimately chose Vogel as the winner, meaning it was time for Rodgers to say goodbye.

"Thank you so much for seeing something in me and taking me along for this ride," Rodgers declared. "I love you, and I'm very appreciative." Though, when he took his walk off stage, he blew right by his former coach while she was getting up to give him a hug. Kelly Clarkson picked up right behind him, giving Grande a hug convinced that Rodgers didn't see her. 

It seems that was just the case. Rodgers took to Instagram the next day to explain the incident. "Hey guys! Just wanted to clear something up. I totally did not see Ariana getting up to hug me," he wrote on his Instagram story. "I had my eyes down and was headed offstage after I was able to thank her for everything!" he continued. "When I got backstage, a producer told me what happened and I was devastated. Ariana is so amazing and I am so grateful to her for everything. I love her so so much."


Rodgers made sure to apologize again in another post, wrapping up the wild ride of the show. At the bottom of the lengthy caption, he sent a personal message just for the "Thank U, Next" singer. "I am so sorry I'm blind. I will make up for that hug I missed the first chance I get," he said. To which, Grande graciously responded: "LOVE YOU. Holding you to it. :) You were absolutely incredible!"