'The View': Abby Huntsman Reportedly Exited Due to 'Toxic Work Environment' and Meghan McCain Tensions

Now that Abby Huntsman has announced she's leaving The View, reports have surfaced that it may be due to some tension with her co-host, Meghan McCain. A half-dozen people spoke anonymously to CNN Business about the matter, who attributed Hunstman's decision from complaints about a toxic work environment. Though a recent fallout with McCain might have played a factor as well.

"Abby was sick of being berated by Meghan for perceived slights," said one source. "She ultimately decided she didn't need this job and it wasn't worth it."

The "perceived slights" allegedly started when Huntsman kept relaying stories about her children. McCain, who had a miscarriage last summer and even wrote about it for The New York Times, felt her co-hosts comments were insensitive given her situation. It led to what was referred to on set as the "baby fight," and was said to have contributed significantly to their souring relationship. Though three of those sources indicated the two had since made up.

Huntsman's announcement kicked off Monday's episode of the daytime talk show, where she said she was going to be chief strategist for her father's upcoming gubernatorial campaign in Utah.

"This is always such a hard thing to do," Huntsman said to the audience. "And especially this table because this is a really special table. The most iconic show I think on television and the smartest women that I've ever worked with. But today I'm saying goodbye."

McCain called Huntsman's reason for exiting a "really good reason" during the show, and told her soon-to-be-former co-host "we all love you." She also extended her sentiments to Twitter.

"Wishing my amazing friend and co-host nothing but the best on her next chapter!" she wrote. "[The View] is less without you and your light. I wish you, your family, & your father campaign all the absolute best. He's lucky to have you officially lead his team!"

Hunstman first joined The View back in September of 2018. Alongside McCain, the two served as the show's only conservative voices and shared some camaraderie given that they both come from prominent Republican families. Her exit comes at a strange time for McCain on the show, as reports continue to circulate that she's not even on speaking terms with her co-hosts when the cameras aren't running.


"They aren't speaking to each other. It's been about a month. None of the ladies talk to Meghan now," a source revealed to Page Six. McCain has denied any such conflicts, stating that her and her co-hosts simply "fight like family."

Abby Hunstman's final episode of The View will air Jan. 17.