'The Sopranos' New Jersey Home on Sale With Massive 'Starting Price'

The North Caldwell, New Jersey home Tony Soprano used on The Sopranos is being listed for sale by its owners with a "starting price" of $3.4 million.

The price is more than a $1 million higher than the average home in the same neighborhood, but owners Patti and Victor Recchia are confident the home's connection to what some consider the greatest television series of all time makes up for the high price tag.

"Those things can be quantified, but I don't think you can quantify the intrinsic value of this home," Recchia, the owner of Fourth Generation Construction, told The New York Times Friday.

The 5,600-square-foot home sits on a 1.5-acre lot and includes four bedrooms, four full bathrooms, a powder room, two two-car garages and a separate one-bedroom guesthouse. It is located on 14 Aspen Drive and was built in 1987.

The house was seen in the opening credits for The Sopranos, and the kitchen was used for scenes with Tony, his wife Carmela (Edie Falco) and their children A.J. (Robert Iler) and Meadow (Jamie-Lynn Sigler). Although future scenes inside the Sopranos' home was filmed at Silvercup Studios in Queens, New York, the crew still went back to the house every season to film new exterior shots.

Patti Recchia told The Times they still get visits from die-hard Sopranos fans who even refer to them as the Sopranos. After James Gandolfini, who played Tony, died in 2013, fans went to the home to leave flowers and candles.

"I was pulling out of the driveway and I noticed a few fellas on their motorcycles coming down the cul-de-sac," she recalled. "So I open my car window just to acknowledge them, and they say, 'Hi, Mrs. Soprano! We're not going to mess anything up, just want to take a couple photos.'"

"They'll pull up in like a limo or something, get out in a robe, and pick up a newspaper," Recchia added.

The Recchias lived at the home for 32 years, and have since added a The Sopranos poster signed by the cast and crew. They said the crew visited the home between 30 and 50 times, but would not say how much they were paid.

The couple is selling the home now since their adult son moved out years ago and they do not need such a large home. They are going to stay in New Jersey though.

Since the couple is not going through a traditional real estate agent to sell the home, Recchia asked bidders to send serious offers to sopranoshouseforsale@gmail.com by June 21.


The Sopranos was created by David Chase and ran from 1999 to 2007, with 86 episodes over six seasons. It is considered a major influence on today's prestige television era. Chase and director Alan Taylor are working on a prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark, which hits theaters in September 2020.

Photo credit: HBO/Getty Images