'The Mysterious Benedict Society': Seth Carr and Emmy DeOliveira on Friendship Outside of the Show and Working With Tony Hale (Exclusive)

The Mysterious Benedict Society is back on Disney+ for Season 2. Fans will watch as Reynie, Sticky, Kate and Constance – the four gifted orphans who were recruited by the eccentric Mr. Benedict – embark on another mission to save the world from the nefarious plans of his twin brother Dr. L.D. Curtain. When the kids discover that Mr. Benedict and Number Two have been kidnapped, they must piece together the riddles and clues within a perilous scavenger hunt set by Mr. Benedict to foil Curtain's latest scheme. Relying on only their wits, intellect, and empathy, the charming group of misfits embark on a globe-trotting adventure by air, land, sea, and pie truck, calling upon their special skills to solve the mysteries and rescue their lost comrades. Along the way, the kids experience the growing pains that come along with being part of their new "found family," while remaining true to their unique selves. In the process, they discover what true happiness really means.

Ahead of the premiere, PopCulture.com spoke with Seth Carr and Emmy DeOliveira, who star as George "Sticky" Washington and Kate Wetherall, respectively. They dished how they maintain their relationships outside of filming, joys of working on a Disney series, and working alongside legends like Tony Hale. Season 2 becomes available for streaming on Disney+ on Oct. 26.

PC: I will start with Seth. How is it a part of the Disney family, especially going into season two?

SC: It's great being a part of Disney family. I feel very welcome, and I'm glad. Going to season two, I'm just excited for all the work that we put in, and I'm excited to see how it comes out.

PC: Emmy, what about the show do you think makes it as popular as it has become? How do you feel like the viewers are really relating to the characters?

ED: I think the thing about the show is that it resonated with people is, well, It's sort of the mixture of the differences, the way that it use the characters. The show has such great comedy, and it has a really good heart too, and I think that's what's drawn people in. It's a good show to watch if you're watching on your own, if you're watching with friends, or with your family. It draws you in, and it makes you really love these characters. And then, once you love the characters, you can't really stop watching until you get to the end.

PC: Seth, you guys are all on set with each other, so the show is run by young people, but you guys also have some greats that you're working with, like Tony Hale, and you're also working with Kristin Scott. What are you guys taking in from working with people who have been in the business for so long?

SC: Definitely a lot. There's a lot to learn from wherever you go, so it's an honor, and I feel like overall, they're good people. It's a great experience, great to work around, and fun. They definitely bring a lot of energy to the set whenever they're there.

PC: Emmy, what are you most excited for people to see in season two that wasn't necessarily able to be explored in season one?

ED: I think the new environments and the new places that we go to in the second season. I think people are going to like it a lot. It's sort of a new structure the show has with us traveling. We were pretty stationary in the first season with just being on the island, and now we're sort of traveling all over the world. I think people are going to really like that. I think it's a really good change.