'The Masked Singer' Season 3: Lil Wayne Revealed as The Robot

The Masked Singer season 3 debuted right after the 2020 Super Bowl on Fox, and during the premiere episode, rapper Lil Wayne was revealed as The Robot. Taking the stage to perform the Lenny Kravitz hit "Are You Gonna Go My Way," The Robot had the audience and judges grooving along. Eventually, when it was time to guess the identity of the singer, the Robot was eventually unmasked as Wayne. Interestingly, fellow rapper Qtip took to Twitter to take a guess before Wayne took off his robot head, and correctly guessed the identity of the singer.

Many fans of the show took to Twitter to comment as well, with one tweeting, "Sad you went home I thought you were awesome I loved the robot costume reminded me of Bender from Futurama."

"I knew as soon as I heard that voice. So unique you can't miss," another user said, while someone else offered, "Hubby and I knew it was you. We both said it! "How could they not know! We needed more RobotMask."

During a conversation with Variety, Craig Plestis — who developed the series for U.S. audiences — revealed that the singers are starting to learn tricks that will help them keep viewers guessing. "They've all seen the show. So now they want to disguise their voice. They don't want to sing in their genre. They're very careful about body movement."

He continued: "The game is actually much harder this season because the contestants are making it hard. They don't want to be uncovered. Everyone came in saying, 'I want to play this game. I'm gonna win it. They're never going to guess who I am.'"


Now that Season 3 of The Masked Singer has premiered, the show will go back to airing on its regular Wednesday evening time slot, starting Feb. 5.