'The Masked Singer' Reveals the Thingamajig, and It's an NBA Superstar

Yet another singer has been unmasked on the Dec. 11 episode of The Masked Singer. Thingamajig made it all the way to the semifinals of the competition, but, alas, he was eliminated from the competition. So, who was behind the Thingamajig mask? It was a major sports star.

It was ultimately revealed that Indiana Pacers player Victor Oladipo was the Thingamajig. Judge Ken Jeong managed to guess right, while the other judges, Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger and guest judge/Season 1 winner T-Pain missed the mark a bit.

All of the remaining contestants were asked to present the judges with a gift that offered up another clue about their identity. Thingamajig gave the judges an Indiana Jones hat and a whip. He noted that he was a "movie buff," but that his clue would require "a little more digging." Considering that Oladipo players for the Indiana Pacers, it was a spot-on gift.

Thingamajig wasn't the only one who was eliminated on the Dec. 11 episode. The Leopard also got the boot and was subsequently revealed to have been Seal. According to The Masked Singer showrunner and executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra, Seal's children didn't even know that he was going to appear on the program.

"Leopard wanted to do the show because he wanted to surprise his kids. They still didn't know that he was on when the episode reveal aired," Ibarra told Variety.

"He did the whole thing to surprise his kids and make them laugh," she added. "I really wanted to send a camera, the moment that his kids see that it's him, but we couldn't, unfortunately, for various reasons."

In a special Tuesday episode of The Masked Singer, which aired on Dec. 10, the show got rid of another masked celebrity. Tree was eliminated, and a subsequent unmasking revealed that it was comedian and actor Ana Gasteyer. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gasteyer shared that it was a no-brainer for her to be the Tree, as she has a Christmas music album out, Sugar & Booze.


"I did spend a considerable amount of time thinking about my costume," she told the publication. "My Christmas album is out, which I threw my heart and soul into. A lot of people haven't connected the dots between me the comedian and me the singer, so that was really the motivation, aside from the fact my son loves the show and that most of America finds it mesmerizing."