'The Masked Singer' How to Watch, What Time and What Channel

FOX's hit show, The Masked Singer, is set to unmask yet another celebrity on its Feb. 12 episode. And fans are definitely going to want to know how to tune in to see who's unveiled next.

The Masked Singer's next episode will air on Feb. 12 at 8 p.m. ET on FOX. You can catch the show on the FOX network via your cable subscription or you can check out the FOX NOW app, where you will also need to input your cable subscription information.

If you don't have cable, you can always watch the show via a variety of streaming apps such as YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live, Sling TV, with many of those services even offering free trials to new users. Additionally, if you don't have Hulu+ Live, you can watch The Masked Singer the day after it airs via your traditional Hulu subscription service.

In the most recent episode of the show, which aired on Feb. 5, the Llama was unmasked and revealed to have been The Price Is Right host Drew Carey. After the episode aired, the host spoke with Entertainment Weekly about his time on the singing competition.

"The costume was so easy. It was really well-fitted to me and super comfortable. The back part didn't weigh a thing and it was meant to be snug on my hips. The costumers are like world-class, obviously," Carey said of his fun-natured Llama costume. "I was sweating so much underneath that costume, though. The first song especially, I was drenched and so uncomfortable. When I went out to do that first song, I didn't do that great. When I went back to my dressing room I took a shower. It was insane how drenched I was when I got done with that first number."

When asked if he thought any past contestants were "robbed" of the win, Carey noted that he believes the focus should simply be on having a good time.

"You know what? That is so unimportant, that kind of stuff. Everybody has their own motivation, but if your motivation is all, 'I'm gonna win this contest and show everybody I've been real,' you're in the wrong show," he told the publication. "You have to treat it like karaoke and if you win, you win. It's like if you were doing karaoke at an office party and they gave you a little joke trophy that you could put in your cubicle. That's how I treated it."


"There's no way you can take this show seriously as a singing talent show, I don't know how good of a singer you are. I mean, you want to do well, personally, especially if you're a good singer and a professional singer," Carey continued. "But as far as winning this, forget it. You don't need any of this! It's just a goof, the whole thing."

Photo Credit: FOX via Getty Images