'The Good Doctor': Shaun Takes Major Step in Relationship with Lea

The Good Doctor season two has seen Dr. Shaun Murphy have a surprising reaction to Lea Dilallo's [...]

The Good Doctor season two has seen Dr. Shaun Murphy have a surprising reaction to Lea Dilallo's return. After it looked like their relationship was beyond repair last week, Shaun took a huge step in "Tough Titmouse," suddenly asking Lea to move in with him!

When Lea (Paige Spara) showed up at Shaun's (Freddie Highmore) apartment at the end of the season premiere, she was expecting him to be very excited to see her again. However, this was not the case. She left him, and he felt betrayed, which made her staying in his apartment even more awkward.

During last week's episode, "36 Hours," Lea and Shaun finally came to blows. Lea accused him of acting selfishly and not caring about her feelings. She even called him a "jackass."

In "Tough Titmouse" this week, Shaun spent most of the time at St. Bonaventure Hospital trying to get advice on how to apologize to Lea. Dr. Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) suggest he just forget about her, while Dr. Alex Park (Will Yun Lee) suggested he "go big." However, one of the female doctors suggested he "just be nice to her."

Rather than try one option, Shaun tried them all, but he was only succeeding in pushing Lea further away. It did not help that he followed her while she was apartment hunting, even arriving at a two-bedroom while Lea was still there with a realtor. Another big miss was his karaoke attempt.

In the end, Shaun found Lea packing even though she had still not found an apartment. She was going to move into an AirBnB, just to get away from Shaun.

What had really left Lea angry was Shaun never asking why she left Hershey. She dreamed of taking over her family's body shop, but things did not work out. As Lea was about to walk out, Shaun finally asked the question.

"Will you care?" she asked.

"I tried to be nice and I tried to go big, and I don't want to walk away and everyone likes doughnuts," Shaun said. "I don't know how to answer that."

"Just be honest," Lea said, shaking her head.

"I don't care what happened in Hershey, but I care that you care," Shaun said.

Lea nodded, and put her bag down. "You wanna try that song again?" she asked.

"Yes," Shaun said as his face brightened up.

The two started singing "Islands In The Stream" when suddenly, Shaun dropped a crazy, unexpected bomb.
"I rented that apartment you liked for us to share," Shaun said. Lea suddenly stopped singing and looked up at Shaun as he continued singing. The episode then cut to black.

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Photo credit: ABC