'The Good Doctor': Fans Love Season Finale Tide Pods Plot

During the season finale for The Good Doctor, Dr. Jared Kalu and Dr. Alex Park ended up handling the case of a teenager who are Tide Pods.

The teen (Donnie MacNeil) was thought to be drunk at first, since that's what his friend Blake (Graham Patrick Martin) told the doctors. They went to fix his broken ankle, and he had a concussion, so the doctors did not put him on anesthesia.

Later, Alex (Will Yun Lee) confronted the patient's friend, asking for the truth because they ran into complications during the surgery. Of course, it turned out that the teen ate laundry detergent pods.

However, the doctors discover that there is another drug in his system. Blake admits they took molly during a college hazing.

The surgery played a major part in the finale, as Dr. Shaun Murphy (Freddie Highmore) made a mistake that almost cost the patient his life. However, after some quick thinking, Shaun came up with a solution and he survived. Shaun still went to his superior, Dr. Andrews, to report his own mistake. However, the episode ended before we learned if he will be fired.

Fans at home were stunned by seeing Tide Pods playing a role in the show.

The Tide Pod challenge was a viral social media trend that took over during the winter, with teens and adults posting videos of themselves eating the packs. However, the pods are poisonous and the company behind Tide had to issue a statement. YouTube and Instagram also began removing the Tide Pod challenge videos to dissuade copycats.

"Our laundry pacs are a highly concentrated detergent meant to clean clothes, and they're used safely in millions of households every day," the statement read. "They should be only used to clean clothes and kept up, closed and away from children."


You can find all the dangers of eating a Tide Pod listed here.

Photo credit: ABC