'The Good Doctor' Fans Ecstatic Over Freddie Highmore's Golden Globes Nomination

Freddie Highmore has been nominated for a Golden Globe for his role as Dr. Shaun Murphy on The Good Doctor, and fans of the show couldn't be happier.

The Good Doctor has broken the mold for a drama in its first season this year, beating out heavy hitters like NCIS and The Big Bang Theory in ratings consistently. It has amassed a dedicated following, and does especially well in key demographics like adults from ages 18-49.

Only half a season of the medical drama has aired, and already it is up for award nominations. Fans feel that their new favorite series has earned the honors.


The nomination is a nice consolation prize for fans who are just now realizing that the show is on a mid-season break. The Good Doctor returns to finish out its freshman season on Monday, Jan. 8.