'The Detour' Canceled at TBS After 4 Seasons

It's been announced that The Detour has been canceled at TBS after four seasons on the air. According to TV Line, this means that the show's Season 4 finale on Aug. 20 is retroactively the series finale. The sitcom was created by Jason Jones and his wife, Samantha Bee, and starred Jones and Natalie Zea as parents who set off on a road trip with their children only to have things go terribly awry. Many fans of the show have since been sounding off on Twitter, with one exclaiming, "Cmon, Jesus, they cancel good original shows, this is an outrage!!! Save The Detour!"

"Ugh that sucks and the end of the last episode of season 4 left me with questions that were left unanswered. Now I'll never know what will happen with nate parker in the next season of the detour," someone else wrote.

"No. Pretending it's not real and I'll see #TheDetour next summer," another fan said, hoping that the news was all an illusion. "Seriously one of the funniest shows."

"The Detour was cancelled, now there's no reason to watch anything on Turner networks. Hopefully [The Detour] can get picked up by another network," one other fan tweeted.

There have also been some championing "Save The Detour," hoping to see the viral campaign to resurrect the show catch on.

"Well, add [The Detour] to the list of shows that end on a cliffhanger. TBS has cancelled it so no Season 5. There really needs to be a rule that all shows need a conclusion of some sort," someone else lamented, while another person said that the news of The Detour being cancelled really "hurt" them.

Not everyone is sad to see the show go though, as some feel like it had not quite lived up to its previously high quality lately.


"I hate to say it but it's a good thing. The show had gotten really bad. They struggled to come up with a strong enough idea after season one & the final season felt like they made up as they went along," one person said of the show ending.

Photo Credit: TBS