'The Conners' Season Finale: Johnny Galecki Makes Surprise Return

The Conners season finale featured the surprise return of a fan-favorite Roseanne character, bringing with him a shocking curve ball for Darlene.

During "We Continue to Truck," Darlene (Sara Gilbert) discussed possibly moving herself and the kids to Chicago with Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) with her family one-by-one, before a visit from her ex-husband David (Johnny Galecki) led her to reconsider.

At first, Darlene spilled the beans to Becky (Lecy Goranson) in an attempt to get out of having to help her raise her future baby. Despite joking at first that Darlene had to stay in Lanford, Becky tells her that of course she can go to Chicago — only one hour away from Lanford – as long as she still keeps her promise and she can just "Fedex" the baby to her if Becky ever has to go to rehab.

Later, Darlene and Dan (John Goodman) hang out in the garage when she breaks the news about her possible move. Dan tells her she has his blessing, though Lanford could be on the "cusp of a Renaissance."

Darlene tries to quiz him about keeping up with his medications by himself, and he passes. Dan jokes that it's good news that she will be leaving, considering he will need the break to relax before Becky moves in with the baby — a likely scenario he is already expecting. However, when Darlene leaves the room, Dan looks visibly upset.

In the kitchen, Darlene tells Harris (Emma Kenney) and Mark (Ames McNamara) the news of their possible move and they seem very excited with the news. Harris says that she will start packing already, but Darlene says she hasn't even said yes yet. Mark asks that if they move back to Chicago how will they see their father David, though she says that they will come back and visit all the time.

The doorbell rings and Darlene is surprised to find David himself at the door, with some surprising news of his own. He announces that he broke up with Blue (Juliette Lewis) because she wanted kids and he couldn't do it.

"When you and I did it, I knew that wanted it but... she's not you," David says.

Darlene tells him not to go there as she is seeing Ben, but David says that she could always end it.

"You think you can just come back here and I'll just drop everything, are you high?" Darlene exclaims. He says he hopes she does drop everything, he claims he has a job and a steady life so they can be together now.

Darlene breaks the news about Chicago, though David says she should say no. She says it's too late for them, but David says he loves her and that she will change her mind. The conversation is interrupted when Dan tells Darlene they have to leave to help Jackie.


With David single (and Galecki wrapping up The Big Bang Theory in May), could Darlene's first love come back and try to win her back in a possible second season?

ABC has not officially renewed The Conners for Season 2 yet.