'The Conners' Plot Twist Reveals Pregnancy

The Conners fans got the surprise of a lifetime when it was revealed that Darlene Conner is about to become a grandmother. During the Feb. 23 episode, Harris revealed that she's pregnant. In the episode titled "Crumbs and Couch Surfers," Harris comes clean that the father is Kai, a drifter she brought home who was later discovered to have stolen money. With all of the drama he's caused, Harris may be a single mother. And naturally, her pregnancy brought about some real reactions. Dan feels she should keep the baby, despite the circumstances. It's s stark contrast from how he reacted to the news about Darlene's pregnancy. Meanwhile, Jackie, advocates for abortion, letting them know she terminated a pregnancy at Darlene's age and never looked back. But it was Darlene who gave the most emotional response.

"If I could go back and really think it through, and choose to have you later, and on way more solid ground, I would do that," she told Harris. "People who don't have money, who have kids at your age, just continue the cycle of poverty." Ultimately, Harris decided to keep the baby, with Darlene supporting her decision, and Harris moving back home.

The episode comes after it was announced that The View staple, Whoopi Goldberg, would be guest-starring in an episode. Per Deadline, she will play Ms. Glen in the Roseanne sequel series, Mark's (Ames McNamara) intimidating music teacher, who has a complicated history with another member of the Conner family. No matter how difficult things may seem, the family always rallies together.

The show has overcome some challenges. Initially a reboot of the classic Roseanne, its predecessor was canceled in 2018 after renewing it for an 11th season, followed by controversial and racist remarks comedian Roseanne Barr made about President Barack Obama. The same year, an idea about the show possibly continuing under a different name and focus on Darlene's (Sara Gilbert) could work. Eventually, the show was reworked to  focus on the whole Conner family.

As for Harris, fans will have to see how things will play out. But one things about the Conners is that they always stick together.