'The Conners': Major Character May Leave Forever in Season Finale Cliffhanger

The Conners ended up having an abrupt goodbye after all during its season finale, tackling a serious political issue in the process.

Though the previous episode ended with Darlene (Sara Gilbert) considering leaving Lanford, it was Becky's (Lecy Goranson) baby daddy Emilio (Rene Rosado) who left town after he was captured by ICE at the end of "We Continue to Truck."

The episode saw Becky (Lecy Goranson) and Emilio (Rene Rosado) star to get closer as he bought baby items with Dan (John Goodman) at the mall, proving he is invested in being there and helping with the baby.

The parents-to-be later go on a walk in the park together, envisioning when they will get to take their child. Emilio starts to tell Becky about his life growing up in Chihuahua, Mexico, before he goes out of his way to make sure she eats and stays healthy.

Emilio tells her that he always dreamt his life would be like it is today, sitting in a park getting to know a strong woman like Becky, who's about to have his baby. The sweet moment ends with a kiss.

As for Darlene, despite her initial desire to move in with Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) in search of a new life and her new career in his magazine, a visit by David (Johnny Galecki), combined with her guilt of leaving her father alone leads her to make the decision to stay for now.

The morning after Darlene and Dan help Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) after a drunken bender, Ben comes to the house to check on Darlene after the night she had, and to talk about Chicago.

"I definitely want to move in with you, but I can't leave my dad right now. He's too vulnerable," Darlene says. She adds that she thinks it would be a mistake to agree to move, only to realize she would've stayed a few months down the road for her family.

Ben asks if her circumstances could change and she says yes, but it could take time. In the meantime, she will commute to work and to see him in Chicago.

The twist comes later on, however, after Becky happily arrives to the Conner house to return some things. As she and Darlene (Sara Gilbert) talk, Dan arrives and asks if she has heard from Emilio.

"No. I got a message from a number I don't recognize," Becky says.

"Check it. I heard there was a big ICE raid downtown and they hit the restaurants," Dan tells his daughters.

"This is ridiculous. These people are just trying to have a better life," Darlene says, commenting on the issue of immigration in the U.S.

"He was here illegally Darlene," Dan tells her, and she asks him if he doesn't see the issue from what is going on right now.

"I have a big problem. I like the guy, my daughter is about to have his baby and he may be getting dragged out of the country. You think I want that?" Dan responds.

Becky then starts to cry as she finishes listening to the voicemail. She then plays it aloud and Emilio can be heard saying he is being taken to Texas before being turned over to Mexican authorities.

"I will find a way back to you and our baby, after a short time in Chihuahua..." he says. The family is left wondering if they will ever see Emilio again.


With this cliffhanger ending, we can bet that The Conners will dive more into the subject of immigration as they try to reunite Becky and Emilio. Are you rooting for his return?

ABC has not officially renewed The Conners for Season 2 yet.