'The Conners': Major Character Gets in Trouble With the Law

One of the young members of the Conner family found themselves in the back of a police car during Tuesday's winter finale, leading to a heated argument between the elder Conner siblings.

Becky is shocked late at night when she answers the door and it's a policeman with Darlene's daughter, Harris (Emma Kenney).

"She got caught drinking in the woods with some of her friends," the cop tells Becky.

"I'm the only one who didn't get away because I was wearing heels," Harris reveals, feeling embarrassed.

"Why were you wearing heels in the woods?" Becky asks.

"There was a guy there that I liked and I wanted my ass to look good," Harris says.

"Just tell her parents that she's been hanging with a bad crowd," the policeman tells Becky. "I don't want to have to come back to this house again."

"That's what everyone says," Becky jokes.

Before Harris leaves, Becky tells Harris that she has to make better plans when she goes and does something stupid, so she can escape the cops next time. Harris wonders why her aunt is giving her advice on how to escape rather than punishing her.

"Even though I'm not happy that you were drinking, I don't want you getting caught because your friends are stupid," Becky says.

Harris tells her she's surprised Becky is helping her because she thought she didn't like her. Becky then admits that ever since she got in trouble for showing her Kill Bill when she was younger, she was afraid of pissing off Darlene by having a relationship with Harris. Becky then promises to not tell Darlene what happened that night as a "cool aunt."

The next day, after the Conner women discuss Dan's (John Goodman) hilarious encounter with a woman who might be interested in him, Darlene answers the door and it turns out to be the cop. He returns a scarf that Harris left in his car and tells her what happened, also letting Darlene know that Becky knew all about it.

Darlene later confronts Harris about the scarf and she tries to lie about what happens, joking that she is dating a cop. She tells her she's grounded for three weeks and that she needs to not have any alcohol.

"You want to end up like your Aunt Becky?" Darlene says, which Becky overhears and slams the back door before walking away.

That night, Darlene stops by the bar and finds Becky playing pool. They fight about what Darlene said. Becky admits she was hurt by Darlene's words and reveals that she turned to heavy drinking after her husband died and Darlene wouldn't come be with her at the time.


The pair both play pool while they talk about their problems, but also admit that they have both needed each other in the past and that they have faith in one another now.

The Conners will return with new episodes in January on ABC.