'The Conners' Discusses Roseanne's Grandson Mark's Sexuality During Series Premiere

The Conners' series premiere focused mostly on the aftermath of the family members coming to terms [...]

The Conners' series premiere focused mostly on the aftermath of the family members coming to terms with the reveal of Roseanne Conner's overdose, but a conversation about Mark's sexual orientation had fans talking.

As Dan (John Goodman) grieved his late wife in a quiet moment in the kitchen, when Mark (Ames McNamara) arrives home with two boys, Enrique and Joey.

After the boys leave, Dan says he will go to the garage so he can continue to be alone when Mark asks him to stay as he needs advice.

"Granny Rose and I were talking about this field trip I'm going to on Friday and we never got to finish," Mark says referring to Roseanne Conner's (Roseanne Barr) death from an opioid overdose.

"There's these two kids who want me to sit next to them on the bus and she was gonna help me figure out who to pick because, whoever I sit next to it kind of means I like them," he says.

"Are any of them boys?" Dan asks, when Mark says he's talking about Enrique and Joey.

"Would you like to talk about death some more?" Dan jokes.

"I just need to make a decision right away," Mark says.

"I gotta tell you pal, there's a reason why your mom and Aunt Becky went to grandma for all this stuff," Dan tells Mark. "It's a measure of my deep affection for you that I haven't run out of the room already."

"Grandpa Dan?" Mark says. "Did you ever like a boy?" Dan answers he didn't.

"Does it bother you that I do? mark asks, which Dan says no quickly. "I was kinda waiting for you to tell me about it," adding he should never wait this long to talk to him about his feelings.

Later in the episode, Dan tells Mark to sit by him in the living room and he helps him make a pro-con list on the two boys he likes. After the making the list, comparing the punk-like Joey and Floridian Enrique, Mark decides to go with Joey.

"Are you kidding? Enrique is a keeper!" Dan says. "You don't leave an Enrique on the table when he's available."

Darlene (Sara Gilbert) is happy to hear Mark preferred the "dark and brooding" type, just who she would pick at that age.

Fans of the series were happy to see the series normalize conversations surround young gay characters on television.

"Dan Helping Mark Decide Which Boy To Go Out With. Talk About Progression! LOVING THIS!" One twitter user wrote.

"if only family members could be more accepting like Dan just was to Mark," another user commented.

The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC